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Monday, October 26, 2015

Health Research: Bio-marker for premature death ♦Scientists discover protein factories hidden in human jumping genes ♦ New gene a key to fighting sepsis

Scientists discover protein factories hidden in human jumping genes Scientists have discovered a previously unknown wellspring of genetic diversity in humans, chimps and most other primates. This diversity arises from a new component of itinerant sections of genetic code known as jumping genes.
Bio-marker for human jumping genesA single blood test could reveal whether an otherwise healthy person is unusually likely to die of pneumonia or sepsis within the next 14 years. Based on an analysis of 10,000 individuals, researchers have identified a molecular byproduct of inflammation, called GlycA, which seems to predict premature death due to infections.The findings suggest that high GlycA levels in the blood indicate a state of chronic inflammation.
New gene a key to fighting sepsis Scientists have identified a gene that could potentially open the door for the development of new treatments of the lethal disease sepsis. Sepsis is a severe whole-body infection that kills an estimated one million people in the United States alone each year. It occurs as a complication to an existing infection, and if not treated quickly can lead to septic shock and multiple organ failure, with death rates as high as 50 per cent.
New depression diagnosis and treatment Major depression is now believed to be caused by abnormalities in immune cells of the brain. New research may be set to revolutionize next-generation psychiatric medication treatment, according to researchers
People can raise their pain threshold by altering brain chemistry, study in arthritis patients shows The numbers of opiate receptors in the brain increases to combat severe pain in arthritis sufferers, researchers have shown for the first time. By applying heat to the skin using a laser stimulator, the researchers showed that the more opiate receptors there are in the brain, the higher the ability to withstand the pain.

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