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Thursday, October 16, 2014

10/14/14 Health News: Deep fried food may be worse for you than you think ♦ Facebook foodies flout safety laws ♦

Deep fried food may be worse for you than you think
From samosas to spring rolls, hand-cut fries to falafel balls, many of Canada’s favourite restaurant foods are fried in hot oil. Most are addictively crispy. Occasionally, a freshly fried food will taste off, a bit like bad fish. This is the taste of oil that has been used for too long and has degraded, shedding hundreds of different compounds into the oil, which are then absorbed …Continue Reading
Facebook foodies flout safety laws
Modern foodies are forking out big bucks to keep their businesses above board, while aspiring home cooks flout food safety laws in the hope of making a few extra bucks with the help of social media, insiders say. Private Facebook groups with thousands of members are the new storefronts for home cooks looking to sell their wares, from …Continue Reading
After 11 years at the helm of California-based poultry producer Foster Farms, Ron Foster announced last week that he was stepping down as president and CEO of the company his grandparents started 75 years ago. Over those 11 years, the company has attracted a lot of attention related to Salmonella, both good and bad. Under... Continue Reading

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