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Saturday, October 25, 2014

Saving Lives with Phage Therapy

When I started this blog I stated that I wanted to start a non profit to further the use of Phage Therapy to take the place of antibiotics. Sense then the problem of antibiotics resistant bacteria has gotten worse. The World Health Organization stated that in the future antibiotics would be worthless with the advent of totally antibiotic resistant bacteria.
In Nature there are two main ways that bacteria are kept in check. Some Organism’s produce poisons, that we call antibiotics, to kill off bacteria, Bacteriophage (Phage for short) also kill bacteria. Because we have misused antibiotics by over prescribing them and using them to make livestock grow faster the bacteria have mutated into forms that are resistant to antibiotics, The advantage of using bacteriophage is that they also mutate. They can change so that they can continue to be effective at killing bacteria.
Drug companies have not been willing to do drug trials on Bacteriophage because of Questions as to weather they can be patented which leaves two ways to bring them to market. One is By a Non-profit and the other is by government spending.
My goal is to start a non-profit to pay for drug trials and to bring them to market. I've Started a campaign to raise money to start a non-profit for this purpose oa Indiegogo It will start Monday at Noon. This will not be active untill Monday Noon.

I will write something about phage therapy every day this month until the campaign is over.

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