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Friday, October 31, 2014

10/31/2014 Health News: FTC sues Gerber over infant formula ♦ Cocoa flavanols reverse memory decline ♦ How staph infections elude the immune system ♦ Contaminated bananas

FTC sues Gerber over claims on infant formula
The Federal Trade Commission has charged Gerber Products Co., also doing business as Nestlé Nutrition, with deceptively advertising that feeding its Good Start Gentle formula to infants with a family history of allergies prevents or reduces the risk that they will develop allergies. Continue Reading
Dietary cocoa flavanols reverse age-related memory decline in mice
Dietary cocoa flavanols —- naturally occurring bioactives found in cocoa —- reversed age-related memory decline in healthy older adults, according to a new study. Flavanols are also found naturally in tea leaves and in certain fruits and vegetables.Continue Reading
How staph infections elude the immune system
By tricking the immune system into generating antibodies specific for only one bacterial protein, Staphylococcus aureus dodges the production of antibodies that might otherwise protect against infection. Vaccine approaches must be designed to side-step this bacterial subterfuge, experts say. Continue Reading
Contaminated bananas slip past Food Ministry
Contaminated bananas slip past Food Ministry Oct 31,2014 The national food regulator’s ability to guarantee food safety came into question after it was revealed earlier this week that the Ministry of Food and Drug Safety failed to detect imported bananas containing high levels of pesticides during a customs inspection. The authorities confirmed earlier this week that three local …Continue Reading

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