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Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Saving Lives with Phage Therapy Four

We all have some bacteriophage(Phage for short) in our body. Our Digestive tract is lined with mucus. Sugar molecules are on the outer layer of the mucus. Bacteriophage attach themselves to these sugar molecules and wait for bacteria to come. Bacteriophage kill about 2/3 of the bacteria that go pass.  Bacteriophage is our first line of defence against foodborne illness.
The only problem they have is in the stomach.The acid that helps digest your food also digests the bacteriophage. To help them get through we need to eat food that is base or tums would help.

Phage Therapy works by giving a patient a lot of one type of phage that will kill the type of bacteria that is making you sick...The bacteriophage pictured attacks one type of E.Coli
So far my fundraising Campaign is going very slow. I expected some slowness because most people don;t know what phage therapy is..
If we were were trying to cure cancer it might go a bit faster. Later When we are working on a single disease such as MRSA or Listeriosis it should be easier.
I know some of my friends and relatives are out of work so they can' t give, but every one knows someone that has money for a good cause. I am seeing my doctor next I definitely talk him into giving.and hopefully get him to talk to his friends.
Here is the Link to the Campaign

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