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Sunday, October 26, 2014

Saving Lives with Phage Therapy Two

One of the major advantage of phage over antibiotics is that a phage only kills type of bacteria. A Antibiotic can kill a wide range of bacteria, the bacteria that make us sick along with the bacteria that are beneficial.
The bacteria in your gut help you in many ways. Bacteria can help you digest food, assist your immune system and some believe it can regulate your weight. A disease called C.Diff comes about when people have been given a lot of antibiotics also fungal diseases can occur after a person is treated with antibiotics.Last year 14,000 people died in the United States from C. Diff.
Another problem with antibiotics is that they can cause serious side effects. Phage Therapy has no serious side effects,
I have started a campaign on to raise money for the purpose of funding drug trials to bring phage therapy to market.To finding out more go to after noon on Monday
I will write a short piece on page therapy every day till the campaign is over

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