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Wednesday, October 29, 2014

10/29/14 Transplants first circulatory death human heart ♦ Health News:Hand blenders can emit persistent chemicals ♦ Growing a blood vessel in a week

Hand blenders used for cooking can emit persistent chemicals
Eight out of twelve tested models of hand blenders are leaking chlorinated paraffins when used according to the suppliers’ instructions. Chlorinated paraffins are included in the subject group of persistent organic pollutants which humans and animals should be protected from Continue Reading

Australian doctors transplants first circulatory death human heart
The St Vincent's Hospital Heart Lung Transplant Unit has carried out the world's first distant procurement of hearts donated after circulatory death (DCD). These hearts were subsequently resuscitated and then successfully transplanted into patients with end-stage heart failure. Continue Reading
Growing a blood vessel in a week
The technology for creating new tissues from stem cells has taken a giant leap forward. Three tablespoons of blood are all that is needed to grow a brand new blood vessel in just seven days.Continue Reading

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