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Monday, October 27, 2014

19/27/14 Health News:Researchers retract study supporting diet pill ♦ Herbal medicines can contain dangerous levels of toxic mold ♦ Brazilian Wandering spiders

Researchers retract study supporting diet pills promoted by Dr. Oz
Herbal medicines could contain dangerous levels of toxic mold
Herbal medicines such as licorice, Indian rennet and opium poppy, are at risk of contamination with toxic mold, according to a new study published in Fungal Biology. The authors of the study, from the University of Peshawar, Pakistan say it's time for regulators to control mold contamination.Continue Reading
Organic food means we're likely to see more Brazilian Wandering spiders in fruit orders

The Brazilian Wandering Spider was found nestled in bunch of bananas Fruit was part South London family's Waitrose delivery earlier this month In the past animals would be killed off by chemicals used in growing process It's thought pesticide-free food trend has been behind foreign spiders surge Two incidents involving potentially lethal spiders in past two months alone By … Continue Reading

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