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Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Brain Research: Super-small needle technology for the brain ♦ Altered brain development among former NFL players ♦ Molecular origins of Parkinson's disease

New research sheds light on the molecular origins of Parkinson's disease Scientists have identified two proteins that appear to have a protective effect in the set of neurons most affected by this degenerative disease. When their activity wanes, disease sets in. This discovery suggests new avenues for preventing or treating Parkinson's.
Receptor that helps protect brain cells has important role in support cells for the retina A receptor that is already a target for treating neurodegenerative disease also appears to play a key role in supporting the retina.
Altered brain development among former NFL players Former National Football League players who started playing tackle football before the age of 12 were found to have a higher risk of altered brain development compared to those who started playing at a later age. The study is the first to demonstrate a link between early exposure to repetitive head impacts and later life structural brain changes.
Super-small needle technology for the brain A methodology for brain penetration using diameter flexible needles has been developed by scientists. This should further reduce invasiveness and provide tissue penetrations hardly broken than conventional approaches.

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