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Thursday, August 6, 2015

Health Research: Use waste water treatment to capture carbon dioxide, produce energy ♦ Understanding molecular mechanism leading to addiction in humans

Cures for PTSD often remain elusive for war veterans Our nation's veterans continue to suffer emotional and psychological effects of war -- some for decades. And while there has been greater attention directed recently toward post-traumatic stress disorder, and more veterans are seeking help, current psychotherapy treatments are less than optima.
Mandatory life jackets could cut odds of recreational boating deaths 80 percent,Increasing life jacket wear by only 20 percent would have saved 1,721 out of 3,047 boaters involved in accidents between 2008 and 2011, scientists say, a finding that could be used to argue for regulations requiring use of the safety devices.
Understanding molecular mechanism leading to addiction in humans A new study opens the field to new understanding of the molecular mechanism underlying addiction in humans. The team found that humans with mutation of a key gene for this co-transmission were 10 times more vulnerable to very severe forms of addiction.
Researchers use wastewater treatment to capture carbon dioxide, produce energy Cleaning up municipal and industrial wastewater can be dirty business, but engineers have developed an innovative wastewater treatment process that not only mitigates carbon dioxide emissions, but actively captures greenhouse gases as well.
Seeing the sunnier side of life: Scientists bring a whole new meaning to winter blues Scientists have shed new light on how humans process color -- revealing that we see things differently in winter compared with summer. The researchers examined how our color perception changes between seasons and in particular how we process the color known as unique yellow

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