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Saturday, August 29, 2015

Women's Health: Heart medications prolong survival in women with ovarian cancer ♦ Fetal cells influence maternal health during pregnancy

Heart medications that target stress may help prolong survival in women with ovarian cancer A new analysis of patient records indicates that certain drugs taken to improve heart health may also have anti-cancer properties.
New embryo image processing technology could assist in IVF implantation success rates Biologists and engineers have developed a new non-invasive image processing technique to visualize embryo formation. Researchers were able to see, for the first time, the movement of all of the cells in living mammalian embryos as they develop under the microscope. This breakthrough has important implications for IVF treatments and pre-implantation genetic diagnosis. In the future, this approach could help with embryo selection to improve IVF success rates.
The alien within: Fetal cells influence maternal health during pregnancy (and long after) Dramatic research has shown that during pregnancy, cells of the fetus often migrate through the placenta, taking up residence in many areas of the mother's body, where their influence may benefit or undermine maternal health.
Women with hypertension in pregnancy and their siblings face increased risk of heart disease High blood pressure during pregnancy is a risk factor for future hypertension and cardiovascular disease, but it’s not clear if this increased risk is because these women are more likely to have a family history of heart disease or if elevated blood pressure during pregnancy causes long-term metabolic and vascular abnormalities.

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