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Thursday, August 27, 2015

Health News:New compounds could reduce alcoholics' impulse to drink ♦ The amazing adaptability of brain's vision center ♦ Exercise to prevent, manage diabetes is more effective

Exercise to prevent, manage diabetes is more effective for college graduates Key prescriptions to prevent and manage diabetes -- physical activity and a healthy diet -- don't appear to be working as well for Americans who didn't graduate college.
Social media is transforming emergency communications Emergency organizations have only started using social media mainly as a response to the presence of the public in them. in the case of an emergency (a terror attack, hurricane or an earthquake), communication infrastructure may be overloaded and collapse as numerous people attempt to access information. The public can be exposed to large quantities of information without being aware of its validity or risk of misinformation. For these reasons, emergency communications are having to react.
By early childhood, the sight regions of a blind person's brain respond to sound, especially spoken language, a neuroscientist has found. Working with individuals who are blind offers cognitive researchers an opportunity to discover how nature and nurture, or a person's genes and their experience, sculpt brain function.
Having friends who suffer from depression doesn't affect the mental health of others, according to research led by the University of Warwick.

Alcoholism inflicts a heavy physical, emotional and financial toll on individuals and society. Now new discoveries and promising animal studies are offering a glimmer of hope that a new class of drugs could treat the disease without many of the unwanted side effects caused by current therapies.

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