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Friday, August 28, 2015

Cancer Research: New blood test for colon cancer ♦ Electrical control of cancer cell growth ♦ Reprogramming of cancer cells possible

New blood test for colon cancer improves colonoscopy screening results Thanks in part to screening technologies like colonoscopy; colon cancer is often detected in its earliest stages. Researchers have now found a way to screen blood samples for molecular traces that indicate the presence of precancerous polyps in the colon, a key warning sign for colon cancer.
Scientists discover electrical control of cancer cell growth The molecular switches regulating human cell growth do a great job of replacing cells that die during the course of a lifetime. But when they misfire, life-threatening cancers can occur. Research has now revealed a new electrical mechanism that can control these switches.
Discovery of new code makes reprogramming of cancer cells possible Cancer researchers dream of the day they can force tumor cells to morph back to the normal cells they once were. Now, researchers have discovered a way to potentially reprogram cancer cells back to normalcy
Viral infection in colon cancer stem cells mimicked; druggable target identified Researchers targeting colorectal cancer stem cells – the root cause of disease, resistance to treatment and relapse – have discovered a mechanism to mimic a virus and potentially trigger an immune response to fight the cancer like an infection.
The DNA damage response goes viral: A way in for new cancer treatments  Researchers show how DNA repair proteins sound the alarm to threats, pointing to a novel cancer therapy.

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