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Friday, October 2, 2015

Brain Research: Gene suppression helps form memories ♦ Sound wave technology studied to help diagnose concussion ♦ Meningitis model shows infection creep into the brain

Meningitis model shows infection sci-fi-worthy creep into the brain Scientists are using transparent fish to watch in real time as Cryptococcal meningitis takes over the brain. The resulting images are worthy of a sci-fi movie teaser, but could be valuable in disrupting the real, crippling brain infection that kills more than 600,000 people worldwide each year.
Sound wave technology studied to help diagnose concussion Novel sound wave technology is being used by scientists as part of an attempt to more rapidly and accurately diagnose sports concussions on the sidelines during games.
Finding about how water gets into neurons provides new treatment targets for deadly brain swelling High-efficiency transporters that work like a shuttle system to constantly move ions into and out of neurons appear to slam into reverse following a stroke or other injury and start delivering instead too much water.
Gene suppression helps form memories A new study has identified a number of genes that are repressed at various time points after memory formation, providing important clues as to how long-term memories are formed.
Motivation promotes recovery after spinal cord injury: Neuroscientific evidence The nucleus accumbens, that control motivation in the brain, activates the activity of the motor cortex of the brain, and then promotes recovery of motor function during the early stage of recovery after spinal cord injury.

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