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Sunday, October 11, 2015

Health News:Privatized meat inspection jeopardizes food safety ♦ Lab-grown 3D intestine regenerates gut lining in dogs ♦ Major flu drug report underway

Privatized meat inspection experiment jeopardizes food safety An analysis based on inspection documents and non-compliance reports obtained through the Freedom of Information Act reveals large numbers of defects being missed in the USDA's controversial pilot project for privatized poultry inspection. In the name of budget-cutting, more defective and unsanitary poultry contaminated
Lab-grown 3D intestine regenerates gut lining in dogs Working with gut stem cells from humans and mice, scientists have successfully grown healthy intestine atop a 3-D scaffold made of a substance used in surgical sutures
Major flu drug report underway A new landmark report reveals that antiviral drugs called NAIs (like Tamiflu) have been successful in reducing deaths in flu patients in hospital. The report also reveals that preventative use of the same drugs helps fight flu infection in the home.
Women and men react differently to infidelity A recent Norwegian study shows that men and women react differently to various types of infidelity. Whereas men are most jealous of sexual infidelity, so-called emotional infidelity is what makes women the most jealous. Evolutionary psychology provides an explanation for why this can be

Dying at home leads to more peace, less grief, but requires wider support Dying at home could be beneficial for terminally ill cancer patients and their relatives, according to research. The study shows that, according to questionnaires completed by their relatives, those who die at home experience more peace and a similar amount of pain compared to those who die in hospital, and their relatives also experience less grief. However, this requires discussion of preferences, access to a comprehensive home care package and facilitation of family caregiving.

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