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Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Cancer Research:'Genomic catastrophe' may cause normal cells to become cancerous ♦ New study describes cancer's cheating ways ♦ Chemo preferred option for some with advanced prostate cancer

A new study provides the missing link between a single untoward event, cell fusion, and the multiple catastrophic genetic changes that ultimately transform normal cells into cancerous cells. Furthermore, when injected into live animals, these aberrant cells form tumors.
The ways in which cancers bypass the protective mechanisms used by multicellular forms to ensure their survival and well-being has been the focus of recent study.
Breast cancer patients are four times less likely to have potentially lifesaving surgery if diagnosed as an emergency rather than through an urgent GP referral, according to a new data.
Chemo may be preferred option for some with advanced prostate cancer Scientists found that men with advanced prostate cancer and detection of androgen receptor splice variant-7 respond to chemotherapy just as well as men who lack the variant.

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