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Saturday, September 19, 2015

Brain Research:Hint of increased brain tumor risk five years before diagnosis ♦ Detect early brain damage from hypertension ♦ Potential for treatment of schizophrenia

Hint of increased brain tumor risk five years before diagnosis Changes in immune function can occur as long as five years before the diagnosis of a brain tumor that typically produces symptoms only three months before it is detected.
New imaging technique detects early brain damage from hypertension Some people with high blood pressure also have early signs of brain damage, a new imaging technique has found. The damage is linked to difficulties in certain cognitive skills, decision-making, and the ability to regulate emotions. Researchers suggest physicians should start to consider potential brain damage as they treat patients with high blood pressure.
Parkinson's disease: Everyday activity more beneficial than occasional strenuous exercise Parkinson’s patients often become sedentary because of motor symptoms such as gait, balance problems or falls. However, new research finds that non-exercise physical activity, more than occasional trips to the gym, is linked to less severe motor symptoms.
Repairing the brain: Two genes unlock potential for treatment of schizophrenia Research has linked the abnormal behavior of two genes (BDNF and DTNBP1) to the underlying cause of schizophrenia. Schizophrenia is a devastating mental disorder that affects nearly 1 percent of the total human population. These findings have provided a new target for schizophrenia treatment.

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