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Friday, September 18, 2015

Ireland ; Withdrawal of Fruice Apple and Fruice Orange Drinks Due to Ineffective Seals

Following consumer complaints some packs of Fruice Apple and Fruice Orange were found to have ineffective seals which led to product spoilage. Mould growth was found in some Fruice Apple and oxidation was found in some Fruice Orange.  The issue has been resolved and implicated batches are being withdrawn from sale and replaced with new batches.

Fruice Orange, IL; Fruice Apple, IL
Batch Code:
15 FEB 16  L151805, 15 FEB 16 L151905 Best Before 15 Feb 2016
13 APR 16 L151407, 13 APR 16 L151507 Best Before 13 Apr 2016
29 APR 16 L153007,   29 APR 16 L153107   Best Before 29 Apr  2016
15 FEB 16  L151805 Best Before 15 Feb  2016
1 APR 16 L150307     Best Before 1 Apr   2016
Country Of Origin:

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