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Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Pulmonary Research: Immunotherapy superior to chemotherapy for lung cancer ♦ Rapid testing for TB aims to reduce drug resistance ♦ Algorithm interprets breathing difficulties

Algorithm interprets breathing difficulties to aid in medical care Researchers have developed an efficient algorithm that can interpret the wheezing of patients with breathing difficulties to give medical providers information about what's happening in the lungs. The work is part of a larger, ongoing project to develop wearable smart medical sensors for monitoring, collecting and interpreting personal health data.
Drug for fungal infections in lung transplant recipients increases risk for cancer, death Voriconazole, a prescription drug commonly used to treat fungal infections in lung transplant recipients, significantly increases the risk for skin cancer and even death.
Rapid testing for TB aims to reduce drug resistance, lower mortality rate Researchers have documented the accuracies of three new tests for more rapidly diagnosing drug-resistant forms of tuberculosis (TB), which are much harder and more expensive to treat and which represent a major threat to global public health.
First UK Biobank genetic study reveals new links between lung disease and smoking behavior Smokers who survive their habit into old age may hold the key to better lung health for all. The new discoveries may one day help scientists develop better treatments for diseases such as chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), a life-threatening condition that affects millions of people.
Immunotherapy superior to chemotherapy for lung cancer in international trial "Game-changing results” have been announced by a team of scientists using the immunotherapy drug nivolumab to treat certain lung cancers that failed to respond to first-line therapies

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