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Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Health News: Toxins found in ice cream discovered ♦ Thousands of directly hackable hospita devices found exposed ♦ Ancestral background can be determined by fingerprints

Toxins found in ice cream discovered Although 2015 will not go down as an ice-cream summer, the world's favourite frosty treat has just become a little bit safer, thanks to an innovative Scottish food safety company which has contributed to an important new test. Test kits made by Glasgow-based R-Biopharm Rhône have been crucial to an investigation into contaminated cow's milk in ice cream.
Thousands of directly hack-able hospital devices found exposed Thousands of critical medical systems – including Magnetic Resonance Imaging machines and nuclear medicine devices – that are vulnerable to attack have been found exposed online. Security researchers Scott Erven and Mark Collao found, for one example, a "very large" unnamed US healthcare organization exposing more than 68,000 medical systems.
New tech automatically 'tunes' powered prosthetics while walking When amputees receive powered prosthetic legs, the power of the prosthetic limbs needs to be tuned by a prosthetics expert so that a patient can move normally -- but the prosthetic often needs repeated re-tuning. Biomedical engineering researchers have developed software that allows powered prosthetics to tune themselves automatically, making the devices more functionally useful and lowering the costs associated with powered prosthetic use.
Ancestral background can be determined by fingerprints It is possible to identify an individual's ancestral background based on his or her fingerprint characteristics, new research shows -- a discovery with significant applications for law enforcement and anthropological research
Prototype lab in a needle could make real-time, mobile laboratory testing a reality A lab in a needle device has been created by researchers that could provide instant results to routine lab tests, accelerating treatment and diagnosis by day

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