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Friday, September 18, 2015

Food Research: A new study comes down hard on honey ♦ The exercise replacement? ♦ Eating a lot of fish may help curb depression risk

A new study comes down hard on honey Turns out that whole thing about honey being a “nectar of the gods” might be false advertising. In this month’s Journal of Nutrition, a team of nutritionists report that they came upon a surprising discovery while studying different sweeteners to see just how much worse high-fructose corn syrup is, diabetes- and obesity-wise.
Vitamin C: The exercise replacement? Exercise improves health in overweight and obese adults but can be hard to incorporate into a daily routine. New findings show that taking vitamin C supplements daily instead can have similar cardiovascular benefits as regular exercise in these adults.
Cocoa flavanols lower blood pressure and increase blood vessel function in healthy people Consuming cocoa flavanols lowers blood pressure, increases flow-mediated vasodilation and improves blood cholesterol profile. Applying the Framingham risk score suggests that cocoa flavanols might therefore be able to reduce age-related risk of developing cardiovascular diseases.
Eating a lot of fish may help curb depression risk -- at least in Europe Eating a lot of fish may help curb the risk of depression -- at least in Europe -- suggests a pooled analysis of the available evidence. Depression affects an estimated 350 million people worldwide, and is projected to become the second leading cause of ill health by 2020.
Adaptation to high-fat diet, cold had profound effect on Inuit, including shorter height Researchers have found unique genetic mutations in the Inuit genome that make them more adapted to cold as well as a diet high in omega-3 fatty acids, with the side effect of shorter height. This is the first evidence human populations have adapted to particular diets and differ in their physiological response. While a fish oil diet may be healthful for Inuit, this may not be true for other populations.

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