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Friday, September 25, 2015

Cancer Research:Titanium, gold based compound fights kidney cancer ♦ More precise cancer therapies ♦ Promising drugs turn immune system on cancer

A molecular "on switch" that allows tight control over the actions of T cells, immune system cells that have shown great potential as therapies for cancer, has been developed by a group of researchers.
Antidepressants work against brain cancer by excessively increasing tumor autophagy (a process that causes the cancer cells to eat themselves), new research shows. The scientists next combined the antidepressants with blood thinners -- also known to increase autophagy -- as a treatment for mice with the first stages of human glioblastoma. Mouse lifespan doubled with the drug combination therapy, while either drug alone had no effect.
A class of experimental drug treatments already in clinical trials could also help the body’s immune system to fight cancer, according to a study
The findings of a new study may provide a new way of treating kidney cancer, opening the potential for more potent and less toxic therapies that would give cancer patients a better quality of life.

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