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Monday, October 5, 2015

Health Research: High-fructose diet slows recovery from brain injury ♦ Tallness linked to increased risk of premature death for patients on dialysis ♦ Washing dishes decreases stress

High-fructose diet slows recovery from brain injury A diet high in processed fructose sabotages rat brains’ ability to heal after head trauma, neuroscience report. Revealing a link between nutrition and brain health, the finding offers implications for the 5.3 million Americans living with a traumatic brain injury, or TBI.
Exercise is good for everyone, but some struggle more than others People with increased risk of type 2 diabetes need to exercise more than others to achieve the same results, according to new research.
Researchers identify cause of inherited form of extreme nearsightedness 'Why, Grandma, what big eyes you have!' Though similar in appearance, the hidden cause of those big eyes Little Red Riding Hood notices in Grimms' fairy tale has nothing to do with the hidden cause of enlarged eyeballs in buphthalmia, a genetic mechanism causing this devastating eye disease which has now been uncovered by researchers. Patients afflicted are severely myopic, or nearsighted.
Tallness linked to increased risk of premature death for patients on dialysis Tallness has been associated with higher premature mortality risk and shorter life spans in patients on dialysis. The association was observed in white, Asian, and American Indian/Alaskan native patients, but not in black patients. The overall paradoxical relationship between height and premature death was not explained by concurrent illness, socioeconomic status, or differences in care
Mindfully washing dishes calms the mind and decreases stress, a new study shows. The study looked at whether washing dishes could be used as an informal contemplative practice that promotes a positive state of mindfulness -- a meditative method of focusing attention on the emotions and thoughts of the present moment.

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