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Sunday, February 15, 2015

2/15/15 Health News:Ranchers use growth drugs with unclear safety records -- Many US wells tainted with arsenic -- Genetic link to obesity -- Cannabis Causing of mania symptoms

Big Beef keeps getting bigger, thanks to growth drugs with unclear safety records When it comes to cattle, size certainly does matter. But how big is too big? And at what cost? The beef industry has come to rely on growth-inducing drugs to bulk up cattle before slaughter. But the consequences of using such drugs are a concerning unknown Continue Reading
Many US wells tainted with arsenic Arsenic is the biggest public-health problem for water in the United States -- yet we pay far less attention to it than we do to lesser problems. Private wells present continuing risks. Even low doses of arsenic may Continue Reading
SOY COMPANY SHUT DOWN UNTIL IT CAN MEET FDA REGULATIONS San Francisco-based Fong Kee Tofu Co. Inc. has agreed to indefinitely shut down operations, or until its manufacturing facility can meet federation food safety regulations. The company, which makes soy drinks, tofu and related products, had been cited by Food and Drug Administration officials for food safety violations several times Continue Reading
Largest ever genome-wide study strengthens genetic link to obesity While diet and exercise are important, new findings sharpen the role genetics play in people’s tendency to gain weight and where the fat is stored. This work is the first step toward finding individual genes that play key roles in body shape and size. Continue Reading
Significant link between cannabis use and onset of mania symptoms Researchers have found evidence to suggest a significant relationship between cannabis use and the onset and exacerbation of mania symptoms.Continue Reading

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