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Wednesday, February 18, 2015

2/18/15 Health News:Fecal material on chicken--Genetic link to obesity--Plant extract fights brain tumor --Treatment aides stroke recovery--Unwanted impact of antibiotics

FOOD SAFETY VIOLATIONS AT FOSTER FARMS PLANT Following back-to-back Salmonella outbreaks linked to chicken from Foster Farms, one of the company’s processing plants in Kelso, WA, continued to have dozens of health violations in 2014, according to records Continue Reading
Largest ever genome-wide study strengthens genetic link to obesity While diet and exercise are important, new findings sharpen the role genetics play in people’s tendency to gain weight and where the fat is stored. This work is the first step toward finding individual genes that play key roles in body shape and size. Continue Readings
Plant extract fights brain tumor Silibinin from milk thistle seeds could be a novel, non-invasive treatment strategy for Cushing Disease. Cushing Disease, not to be confused with Cushing's Syndrome, is caused by a tumor in the pituitary gland in the brain. Continue Reading
Treating the uninjured side of the brain appears to aid stroke recovery To maximize stroke recovery, researchers may want to focus more on ways to support the side of the brain where the injury didn't occur, scientists report. Continue Reading
Unwanted impact of antibiotics broader, more complex than previously known
Researchers have discovered that antibiotics have an unwanted impact on the microorganisms that live in an animal's gut that's more broad and complex than previously known. A study has helped to explain these processes, which are now believed to affect everything from the immune system to glucose metabolism, food absorption, obesity, stress and behavior Continue Reading

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