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Thursday, February 19, 2015

Seniors Health:Motorized cycling may prime brain after stroke--Promising new Alzheimer's therapy-- Inhibitor breaks cycle that leads to Alzheimer's--New pathways to prevent blindness

Motorized cycling may prime brain for relearning after stroke  Exercise on a motorized stationary bike appeared to give stroke patients an advantage in relearning everyday tasks and improving motor function of their arms. A motorized bike helps patients with limited mobility pedal and achieve a target aerobic heart rate. Continue Reading
Promising results for new Alzheimer's therapy  Scientists have evaluated a new Alzheimer’s therapy in which the patients receive an implant that stimulates the growth of a certain type of nerve cell. The results suggest that the introduction of a nerve growth factor can prevent neuronal degradation in Alzheimer’s patients. Continue Reading
Primary care nurse-delivered interventions can increase physical activity in older adults A primary care nurse-delivered intervention can lead to sustained increases in physical activity among older adults, according to a new article Continue Reading
Molecular inhibitor breaks cycle that leads to Alzheimer's  A molecular chaperone has been found to inhibit a key stage in the development of Alzheimer's disease and break the toxic chain reaction that leads to the death of brain cells. Continue Reading

New pathways discovered to prevent blindness  Scientists have made a major new discovery detailing how areas of the brain responsible for vision could potentially adapt to injury or trauma and ultimately prevent blindness. The study sheds new light on the relationship between vision loss and brain plasticity -- the extraordinary ability of the brain to modify its own structure and function as a result of change or damage. Continue Readung

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