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Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Cancer News: E Sensor improves accuracy of breast exams--New strategy discovered for ovarian cancer--New weapon against cancer--Breast cancer spread tied to cells that regulate blood flow

New therapeutic strategy discovered for ovarian cancer  Ovarian cancer is the deadliest of all cancers affecting the female reproductive system with very few effective treatments available. Prognosis is even worse among patients with certain subtypes of the disease. Now, researchers have identified a new therapeutic target in a particularly aggressive form of ovarian cancer, paving the way for what could be the first effective targeted therapy of its kind for the disease Continue Reading
New weapon in the fight against cancer could be in your body already  A tool for keeping the most common forms of cancer at bay could be in your gut, a new study concludes. For the study, the research team tested thousands of chemicals found in the body with the help of a robot and discovered more than 20 that could delay the aging process, something inevitably linked to cancer Continue Reading
Breast cancer spread may be tied to cells that regulate blood flow Tumors require blood to emerge and spread. That is why scientists believe that targeting blood vessel cells known as pericytes may offer a potential new therapeutic approach when combined with vascular growth factors responsible for cell death Continue Reading

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