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Wednesday, February 4, 2015

2/3/15 Health News: Drug For Treating Nuclear fallout ♦ Arizona patients exposed to measles ♦ Cancellation of certain insecticide ♦ Family voices, stories speed coma recovery

Arizona patients exposed to measles.
Health officials reported February 2 that 18 patients at the Phoenix Children’s Hospital’s East Valley Center in Arizona were exposed to a measles outbreak that originated from California Disney parks January 11, Continue Reading
EPA announces voluntary cancellation of certain insecticide uses.
The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency reached an agreement with the manufacturers of the insecticide methomyl January 29 to voluntarily cancel certain uses of carbamate in an effort to reduce risks to drinking water. Under the agreement, manufacturers will stop making and selling .Continue Reading
Doug Powell, the former Kansas State University professor who reports from Down Under on his popular Barfblog, says that while raw milk is legally sold in Australia as “bath milk” in stores alongside pasteurized milk, those days may be drawing to an end. Michael Baird, premier of New South Wales and leader of the New... Continue Reading
Family voices, stories speed coma recovery
'Can he hear me?' Family members are desperate to know when a loved one with a traumatic brain injury is in a coma. A new study shows the recorded voices of loved ones telling the patient familiar stories stored in his long-term memory help awaken the unconscious brain and speed recovery from the coma. Continue Reading
Drug For Treating Nuclear fallout
A drug candidate called DBIBB that increases the survival of mice suffering from radiation syndrome, even when treatment started three days after radiation exposure, has been identified by scientists. The findings suggest that DBIBB shows promise for becoming the first drug capable of treating acute radiation syndrome caused by the high levels of radiation released by nuclear explosions  Continue Reading

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