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Friday, February 20, 2015

2/20/15 Health News: Floridians Object to Gmo Mosquitos--Mystery Disease Triggers Resurgence--Parents experience post-traumatic stress disorder--Stroke survivors higher risk of having cancer

Messing With Mosquito DNA Creates Angry Buzz in Florida  In the bite-size community of Key Haven, like so many other mosquito-plagued spots up and down the Florida Keys, residents long ago made peace with insecticides dropped into town by planes or rumbling by on trucks. Continue Reading
Middle East Mystery Disease Triggers Early Resurgence  International health experts head to Saudi Arabia to help determine why MERS cases are soaring again.Infectious disease watchers are again wondering what is going on in Saudi Arabia. Since the beginning of February the Saudis have reported 52 cases of Middle East respiratory syndrome 40 have come to light in the past week Continue Reading
Parents experience post-traumatic stress disorder after child's stroke Parents of children who had suffered a stroke showed signs of PTSD while children showed signs of anxiety. Parents' PTSD and children's anxiety could have a negative effect on the children's stroke recovery Continue Reading
Stroke survivors may be at higher risk of having cancer  A study of stroke survivors showed that having a stroke was linked with an increased risk of having an underlying cancer. Continue Reading
New weapon in war against flu pandemics and pneumonia  Scientists have developed an antibody which boosts the survival chances for patients suffering from influenza and pneumonia. Proven effective in lab tests, the antibody is now being made suitable for use in humans. The scientists are also using the new antibody to develop a diagnostic kit which can help doctors accurately track the recovery progress of flu and pneumonia patients Continue Reading

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