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Sunday, February 22, 2015

2/22/15 Health News: Few U.S. Consumers Handle Chicken Safely-- Transfusion approach may save to lives-- Flame retardants cause liver problems-- Compounded hormones risks

Few U.S. Consumers Handle Chicken Safely, Raising Food Poisoning Risks  Many Americans may be handling poultry products in their kitchens improperly, posing a potentially serious risk of food poisoning, according to new research. Researchers outlined the results of a nationally representative web food survey of U.S. Continue Reading
Innovative transfusion approach has potential save to lives  A new nationwide, multi-site study in the United States may help save hundreds of lives among trauma patients with major bleeding. The study compared two different methods of blood transfusion, and found that one approach gave patients a significantly better chance of survival  Continue Reading
Severe asthma: Gallopamil confirmed as a therapeutic approach The clinical efficacy of gallopamil in 31 patients with severe asthma has been demonstrated through a new study. This chronic disease is characterized by remodeling of the bronchi, which exacerbates the obstruction of the airways already seen in 'classic' asthma. In contrast to the reference treatment, gallopamil has proved capable of reducing the bronchial smooth muscle mass.  Continue Reading
Flame retardants found to cause metabolic, liver problems Chemicals used as synthetic flame retardants that are found in common household items such as couches, carpet padding, and electronics have been found to cause metabolic and liver problems that can lead to insulin resistance, which is a major cause of obesity, according to new research Continue Reading

More women now using compounded hormones without understanding the risks From 28 percent to 68 percent of women using hormones at menopause take compounded, so-called 'bioidentical' hormones, but women don't understand the risks of these unapproved, untested treatments, shows an analysis of two large surveys Continue Reading

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