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Thursday, February 19, 2015

Childrens Health; Blame parents of children with obesity-- Auditory brainstem implant--Marijuana associated with excessive daytime sleepiness--Plant-based diet reduce children's risk of heart disease

Auditory brainstem implant: Hearing experts break sound barrier for children born without hearing nerve Medical researchers are breaking sound barriers for children born without a hearing nerve. Hearing loss manifests in various forms, most of which can be partially restored through hearing aids and cochlear implants. Those devices cannot help individuals who do not have a cochlear, or hearing, nerve -- these people are unable to perceive sound, no matter how loud.. The ABI stimulates neurons directly at the human brainstem, bypassing the inner ear entirely Continue Reading
Puerto Rican officials blame parents of children with obesity, consider fines In an attempt to address the significant problem of childhood obesity in the United States territory, Puerto Rican officials have proposed a $500 - $800 fine for parents whose children have obesity and have not improved after parent-focused education.Continue Reading
Marijuana use is associated with excessive daytime sleepiness in adolescents A new study found 10 percent of adolescents sent to a Sleep Center for evaluation of excessive daytime sleepiness with testing results consistent with narcolepsy had urine drug screens positive for marijuana Continue Reading
Plant-based diet may reduce obese children's risk of heart disease Obese children who begin a low-fat, plant-based vegan diet may lower their risk of heart disease through improvements in their weight, blood pressure, body mass index, cholesterol levels, insulin sensitivity, and high-sensitivity C-reactive, according to new research.Continue Reading

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