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Friday, February 6, 2015

Cancer News:12 ways to cut your cancer risk ♦ Antibiotics as new cancer treatments ♦ Hepatitis-liver cancer connection ♦ New way to use electric fields to deliver cancer treatment

12 ways to cut your cancer risk
There are many more things people can do to reduce their risk for cancer. February 4 is the World Cancer Day. World Health Organization reports that 14,000,000 people are diagnosed with cancer each year and about 8,200,000 dies from cancer and its complications annually.  In the next 20 years, cases of newly diagnosed cancer are expected to increase 70% and Continue Reading
A way to eradicate cancer stem cells, using the side-effects of commonly used antibiotics, has been discovered by a University of Manchester researcher following a conversation with his young daughter. Continue Reading
Hot on the trail of hepatitis-liver cancer connection
Using whole genomic sequencing, scientists have for the first time demonstrated the profound effect that chronic hepatitis infection and inflammation can have on the genetic mutations found in tumors of the liver, potentially paving the way to a better understanding of Continue Reading
New way to use electric fields to deliver cancer treatment
A team of researchers has devised a new way to target tumors with cancer-fighting drugs, a discovery that may lead to clinical treatments for cancer patients. Called iontophoresis, the technique delivers chemotherapy to select areas.Continue Reading

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