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Monday, February 23, 2015

Childrens Health:Shy babies need secure parent bond -- identify children who need appendectomy--Delaying children's schooling linked to poor academic performance--Protein linked to asthma

Shy babies need secure parent bond to help prevent potential teen anxiety  Shy babies need to have a strong bond with their parents to avoid developing anxiety disorders in their teens. Attachment is especially vital, the researchers found, when a baby shows behavioral inhibition or shyness to new situations or people  Continue Reading
Lab tests, ultrasounds identify children who need surgical treatment for appendicitis Data from two standard diagnostic tests commonly obtained in children evaluated for abdominal pain -- when combined -- can improve the ability of emergency department physicians and pediatric surgeons to identify those patients who should be sent to the operating room for prompt removal of an inflamed appendix.Continue Reading.
Delaying children's school entry linked to poor academic performance Delaying school entry for children could cause poorer academic performance, according to new research. Many parents are keen to hold their children back a year if they were born prematurely or in the summer months. Continue Reading

Protein linked to development of asthma  Researchers have linked a specific protein to the development of post-viral infection asthma, which is the first step in generating a novel type of asthma therapy designed to prevent development of post-viral asthma in young children Continue Reading

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