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Friday, April 24, 2015

Cancer Research: Cancer gene ends the life of cancer cells ♦ ‘best shot’ at fighting kidney cancer ♦ Most cancer patients want tumor profiling

Cancer gene unintentionally ends the life of cancer cells, turns off life supporting genes Myc cancer gene makes cells to commit suicide by repressing life supporting "well-being" genes. These findings provide new opportunities to develop drugs, which could switch Myc from a cancer driver gene to a deadly assassin of the cancer cells,
Clinical trial offers patient ‘best shot’ at fighting kidney cancer The pain Anne Holmes felt in her arm was actually kidney cancer that had spread. She joined a phase 3 clinical trial. The trial tests a new approach that strips the invisibility cloak from spreading kidney cancer cells; it will use Holmes' own cells to create a vaccine tailored for her cancer cells
Childhood cancer survivors more likely to claim social security support as adults Childhood cancer survivors are five times more likely to have enrolled in a Social Security disability assistance program than other citizens. "The long-term impact of cancer can affect other issues besides health outcomes, "We need to do a better job of helping people function throughout their lives, not just when they're finishing their cancer therapy."
Most cancer patients want tumor profiling, even if it reveals other genetic risks Most cancer patients would opt for tumor profiling even if the test revealed that they or their families were at risk for other genetic diseases. The study showed that despite the risk for receiving information about other potentially serious health problems, 59% of the cancer patients would agree to tumor profiling. In a scenario where tumor profiling was already ordered, 79% of patients stated they wanted to know all of the information obtained.

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