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Monday, April 27, 2015

Health News:Human tapeworm drug shows promise against MRSA ♦ Lesson from Blue Bell recall ♦ Does exercise type matter for weight loss

Lesson from Blue Bell recall: producers should ‘assume food is not safe’ An outbreak of listeria that has been linked to three deaths and forced a popular ice cream from store shelves across the central US may have begun as far back as 2010, according to experts. Listeria found in products from Texas-based Blue Bell Creameries has been linked to 10 illnesses – leading to three deaths – in Oklahoma, Arizona, Texas and Kansas.
Strength vs. endurance: Does exercise type matter in the fight against obesity? Researchers look at which form of exercise -- strength, endurance or a combination of both -- work best in tandem with diet to reduce weight and change body composition among obese study participants.
Making the heart beat with ultrasonic waves Researchers have demonstrated that ultrasound can increase the rate at which heart cells beat and describe the settings that can do so most effectively
Finding new life for first-line antibiotics Researchers have identified a single, simple measure -- recovery time -- to guide antibiotic dosing that could bring an entire arsenal of first-line antibiotics back into the fight against drug-resistant pathogens.
Human tapeworm drug shows promise against MRSA  A drug already approved to fight tapeworms in people, effectively treated MRSA superbugs in lab cultures and in infected nematode worms. The scientists are pursuing further testing with hope that the findings will lead to new treatments for deadly MRSA infections

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