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Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Food Research: FDA Stop distributing supplements with BMPEA ♦ Chilli peppers hold promise of preventing liver damage ♦ Psychology of the appeal of being anti-GMO

Stop distributing supplements containing BMPEA Mounting pressure on the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to do something about beta-methylphenylethylamine, or BMPEA, being widely used in weight loss and energy supplements may have helped spark the agency to recently issue warning letters to several companies demanding that the “super caffeine” products be pulled from the market. BMPEA is closely related
Psychology of the appeal of being anti-GMO A team of philosophers and plant biotechnologists have turned to cognitive science to explain why opposition to genetically modified organisms (GMOs) has become so widespread, despite positive contributions GM crops have made to sustainable agriculture. They argue that the human mind is highly susceptible to the negative and often emotional representations put out by certain environmental groups
 Chilli peppers hold promise of preventing liver damage New research shows that the daily consumption of capsaicin, the active compound of chilli peppers, was found to have beneficial effects on liver damage.

Serving healthy foods with a smile may entice students to eat better Labeling healthy foods with smiley faces and offering small prizes for buying nutritious items may be a low-cost way to get students to make healthy choices in the school lunch line, according to a new study.

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