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Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Health Research: Scientists arrange protein-nanoparticle marriage ♦ Ways to avoid catching diseases from pets ♦ Protein pumps that allow bacteria to resist drugs

Protein pumps that allow bacteria to resist drugs The structure of two closely related protein pumps that allow bacteria to resist certain medications The studies reveal that when the bacteria detect the antibiotic sulfonamide, "they turn on these transporters and pump it out, assuring survival of the cell,"
New pathway reveals how immune system is regulated, An important new way in which our immune systems are regulated has been uncovered, giving hope that understanding it will help tackle the debilitating effects of type 1 diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis and other serious diseases.
Fake malaria drugs not as common as previously reported An analysis of antimalarial drug quality no evidence of fake medicines. Previous reports had suggested that up to one third of antimalarials could be fake
Happily ever after: Scientists arrange protein-nanoparticle marriage Researchers have discovered a way to easily and effectively fasten proteins to nanoparticles by simply mixing them together. The biotechnology is in its infancy. But it already has shown promise for developing an HIV vaccine and as a way to target cancer cells

Ways to avoid catching diseases from pets Pets can pass diseases to humans, especially when a pet owner's immune system is compromised. Here, veterinarians outline ways for families to avoid disease transmission by choosing the right type of pet--or making small changes in the ways they enjoy the pets they already have.

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