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Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Ireland:Organic Chlorella Powder recalled Due to Salmonella Contamination

Nua Naturals Recalls a Batch of Organic Chlorella Powder Due to the Presence of Salmonella Rissen
Nua Naturals Organic Chlorella Powder with Added Probiotics,   140 g in jar;
Nua Naturals Organic Chlorella Powder, 250g in pouch.
140319, best before date: 6/2016
Following the detection of Salmonella Rissen in a jar of Organic Chlorella Powder, Nua Naturals is recalling the above batch sold in jars and pouches. It was sold in a number of health stores around Ireland and also sold online by the manufacturer. Nua Naturals is providing in-store point-of-sale notices requesting customers who have bought this batch to return it.  No action is required by official agencies, unless specifically asked.
chlorella pouch

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