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Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Health News: Botulism suspected in 1 death, 18 illnesses following church potluck ♦ Companies fined for incorrectly labeling Pesticides ♦ Pruning of blood vessels

Botulism suspected in 1 death, 18 illnesses following church potluck  One death and at least 18 illnesses reportedly followed a potluck luncheon held at Crosspoint Free Will Baptist Church in Lancaster, OH. All of those sickened attended the potluck, according to health officials, which drew a total of 50-60 people. Those sickened went to the emergency room at Fairfield Medical Center in Lancaster and...
Three companies fined for incorrectly labeling Pesticides Settlements emphasize that pesticides need to be labeled correctly, protecting public and environment from misbranded products. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency reached settlements with 3 companies that produce and/or market pesticides to resolve charges that the businesses or their agents sold pesticide products that failed to meet Federal labeling requirements.
Insects inspire next generation of hearing aids An insect-inspired microphone that can tackle the problem of locating sounds and eliminate background noise is set to revolutionize modern-day hearing aid systems. Despite remarkable advances in sound analysis in hearing aids, the actual microphone itself has remained essentially unchanged for decades.

Pruning of blood vessels: Cells can fuse with themselves Cells of the vascular system of vertebrates can fuse with themselves. This process, which occurs when a blood vessel is no longer necessary and pruned, has now been described on the cellular level by researchers

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