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Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Cardiovascular Research: Common blood pressure medicine can fai ♦ Saturated fatty acids might directly damage your heart ♦ congenital heart disease survivors may need special care

Middle-aged congenital heart disease survivors may need special care The American Heart Association has made recommendations for treating people older than 40 with congenital heart disease. "People born with congenital heart disease are living longer and fuller lives than ever before, and there are now more adults than children with congenital heart disease,"
Detection of critical heart disease before birth lags among poor While prenatal ultrasounds are doing a good job of identifying critical congenital heart disease, those living in poor or rural communities are less likely to find out their baby has heart disease before birth
New study unravels why common blood pressure medicine can fail Every year, more than 120 million prescriptions are written worldwide for thiazide drugs, a group of salt-lowering medicines used to treat high blood pressure. These drugs are often very effective. But in some patients, they don't work. The reasons for this have remained a mystery. Now, a new study has revealed a key mechanism for this failure.

Oil or fat? Saturated fatty acids might directly damage your heart Olive oil is universally considered a much healthier alternative to meat fat. Plant-derived oils (such as olive oil, canola oil, and vegetable oil) largely consist of unsaturated fatty acids, whereas animal fat is richer in the saturated ones. After a typical meal, carbohydrates are the primary source of energy production by the heart. Under fasting conditions, however, free fatty acids become the major energy producer. Saturated fat in a diet is known to be detrimental to heart health, but its impact on the cardiac muscle has been studied only recently.

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