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Thursday, April 30, 2015

Women's Health:Breastfeeding reduced risk of breast cancer recurrence ♦ Traumatic events may threaten women's heart health ♦ Respiratory safety in women following childbirth

History of breastfeeding associated with reduced risk of breast cancer recurrence Women diagnosed with breast cancer who previously breastfed their babies had a 30 percent overall decreased risk of the disease recurring. In addition, researchers found that the protective effect of breastfeeding was more pronounced for tumors of particular genetic subtypes.
Elevated upper body position improves respiratory safety in women following childbirth Although obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) is less common in young women, sleep apnea was found in 4.9 percent in a cohort of pregnant women. In addition, OSA worsens as pregnancy progresses and is likely to persist into the early postpartum period. An elevated upper body position might improve respiratory safety in women early after childbirth without impairing sleep quality, a new study concludes
Traumatic events, financial struggles may threaten women's heart health Traumatic life events such as losing a child or a spouse increased the chances of a heart attack by more than 65 percent among middle-aged and older women regardless of heart disease risk factors or socioeconomic status.
Medical education risks becoming two-tiered unless strong research focus is preserved, argue medical leaders For more than 100 years, exposing students to basic and clinical research has been an essential component of a medical school education in the United States. However, today, new models of medical education in which research plays a minimal role are likely to create a two-tiered system of education, decrease the physician-scientist pipeline and diminish the application of scientific advances to patient care

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