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Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Health News: Bird Flu Outbreak Spreads ♦ Eels Covered in toxic dye ♦ Home canned potatoes probably caused botulism outbreak ♦ Alcohol use disorders

.Increase human protections offered as H5N2 Flu Outbreak Spreads  Federal public health officials reported that about 300 farm workers exposed to the H5N2 strain of bird flu were offered Tamiflu, an antiviral medication, as a precaution due to an ongoing outbreak that is affecting Midwestern poultry farms. Investigators have heightened biosecurity measures on infected farms and protective equipment has been issued for responders to the scene of an outbreak
.National Guard called up to deliver water in Minnesota bird flu fight  The Minnesota State Emergency Operations Center reported April 26 that 30 National Guard soldiers and 15 military water trucks will be deployed April 27 – 29 in an effort to contain the rapidly spreading H5N2 strain of bird flu.
Eels Covered in toxic dye Ming Chuan International bought 3,000 kg of live eels from the Yunlin fishery earlier in the year, then sold them to Hong Yi Ltd. , a frozen food manufacturer in Pingtung, which originally planned to export the processed eels to Japan. However, Hong Yi made some of the live eels into grilled eels before test results from SGS Taiwan became available
Home canned potatoes served at potluck probably caused botulism outbreak Ohio public health officials announced Monday that potato salad containing home-canned potatoes was the likely cause of a recent botulism outbreak following a potluck luncheon at the Crosspoint Free Will Baptist Church in Lancaster, OH. They said that their conclusion was based on lab tests and interviews with those who attended the potluck on

Alcohol use disorders - stronger predictor of mortality than chronic hepatitis C virus infection Scientists show that alcohol use disorders have a serious, negative prognostic outcome with higher mortality risks in the general population and patients with hepatitis C virus

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