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Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Women's Health: Importance of counselling in those affected by infertility ♦ Overnight fasting reduces breast cancer risk ♦ Obstructive sleep apnea following childbirth

Why everything you've heard about women and negotiation might be wrong A student was listening to a lecture on a commonly held trope about negotiation -- that women are bad at it -- but the conventional wisdom didn’t fit with her experience at all. She did some new research and discovered that women who had experience with successful negotiation were superior negotiators to men,
Importance of counselling in those affected by infertility The psychological impact and private agony of infertility must be carefully considered by healthcare professionals. At present, the counseling role occupies a unique and diverse position within the infertility field, including that of patient advocate, gatekeeper, researcher, educator, supportive resource to colleagues, confidante and point of liaison,
Overnight fasting may reduce breast cancer risk in women A decrease in the amount of time spent eating and an increase in overnight fasting reduces glucose levels and may reduce the risk of breast cancer among women, report researchers. Women who fasted for longer periods of time overnight had significantly better control over blood glucose concentrations. The data shows that each three hour increase in nighttime fasting was associated with a 4 percent lower postprandial glucose level, regardless of how much women ate
Elevated upper body position improves respiratory safety in women following childbirth Although obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) is less common in young women, sleep apnea was found in 4.9 percent in a cohort of pregnant women. In addition, OSA worsens as pregnancy progresses and is likely to persist into the early postpartum period. An elevated upper body position might improve respiratory safety in women early after childbirth without impairing sleep quality,

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