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Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Cancer research: Excessive use of dietary supplements linked to increase cancer risk ♦ Potential new lung cancer therapy ♦ Earlier ovarian cancer detection

Cancer and chemo brain: Cancer diagnosis affects cognitive function Breast cancer patients often display mild cognitive defects even before the initiation of chemotherapy. A new study now attributes the syndrome to post-traumatic stress induced by diagnosis of the disease
Earlier ovarian cancer detection Successful ovarian cancer treatment often relies on catching it early. A study may help point to a new method for women at risk.
Potential new lung cancer therapy New findings about regulation of PD-L1, a protein that allows cancer to evade the immune system, has shown therapeutic promise for several cancers, including the most common form of lung cancer.
Excessive use of dietary supplements linked to increase cancer risk While dietary supplements may be advertised to promote health, new research shows a link between consumption of over-the-counter supplements and increased cancer risk, if the supplements are taken in excess of the recommended dietary amount.
Cell type responsible for scarring, skin-cancer growth identified by scientists A skin cell responsible for scarring, and a molecule that inhibits the cell's activity, have been identified by researchers. The researchers also found that the cell may play a role in the growth of melanoma and in skin damage caused by radiation. A drug that acts in the same way as the inhibitory molecule is already approved for use in humans as a treatment for type-2 diabetes, so it could potentially move quickly into clinical trials for the treatment of scarring and melanoma,

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