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Monday, March 23, 2015

Cancer Research: Beating deadly hereditary stomach, breast cancers ♦ Evolution of high-risk leukemia ♦ Kidney cancer detected early with urine test + more

Bright new hope for beating deadly hereditary stomach, breast cancers  Deadly familial stomach and lobular breast cancers could be successfully treated at their earliest stages, or even prevented, by existing drugs that have been newly identified by cancer genetics researchers. Continue Reading
Scientists trace genomic evolution of high-risk leukemia  By genomic sequencing of leukemia cells from relapsed patients at different stages, scientists have discovered key details of how acute lymphoblastic leukemia cells mutate to survive chemotherapy.Continue Reading
Kidney cancer detected early with urine test  If kidney cancer is diagnosed early -- before it spreads beyond the kidney -- 80 percent of patients survive. However, finding it early has been among the disease's greatest challenges. Now, researchers have developed a noninvasive method to screen for kidney cancer that involves measuring the presence of proteins in the urine.Continue Reading
Vitamin D may keep low-grade prostate cancer from becoming aggressive  Taking vitamin D supplements could slow or even reverse the progression of less aggressive, or low-grade, prostate tumors without the need for surgery or radiation, scientists say Continue Reading
Regaining normal sexual functioning is 'rare' after prostate operations  Regaining normal erectile function is rare after the most common prostate operation, radical prostatectomy  Continue reading

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