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Friday, March 27, 2015

Health News: Man arrested in connection with illegal slaughter house ♦ Low back pain risk factors identified ♦ Use of minimally invasive surgery + more

Fourth man arrested  in connection with illegal slaughter house in South Miami Dade . A fourth individual was arrested March 24 following a 5-month-long investigation into CoCo Farm in Miami-Dade County where police allege that the operators were running an illegal slaughterhouse and animals were malnourished and killed in vicious ways.
Drinking raw milk dramatically increases risk for foodborne illness The risks of drinking raw (unpasteurized) cow's milk are significant, research shows. Investigators have determined that raw milk was associated with over half of all milk-related foodborne illness
Use of minimally invasive surgery could lower health care costs by hundreds of millions a year A new analysis of surgical outcomes nationwide concludes that more use of minimally invasive surgery for certain common procedures can dramatically reduce postoperative complications and shave hundreds of millions of dollars
Protecting nerve tissue during bowel surgery After bowel surgery, more than half of the patients suffer from irreparable nerve damage. Now scientists have developed an assistance system that warns surgeons about the risk of inflicting possible injury during operations in the pelvic area. The experts are currently working on a solution for minimally invasive surgery.
Low back pain risk factors identified New research identifies nicotine dependence, obesity, alcohol abuse and depressive disorders as risk factors for low back pain, a common condition causing disability, missed work, high medical costs and diminished life quality.

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