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Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Cancer Research: Sweeping prostate cancer review ♦ Tumor sanctuaries ♦ Stress management techniques improve quality of life for women with breast cancer + more

Sweeping prostate cancer review upends widely held view on radiation  Two new studies have upended the widely held view that it's best to delay radiation treatment as long as possible after the removal of the prostate in order to prevent unwanted side effects. The findings inject hard facts into a debate Continue Reading
Cancer therapy 'tumor sanctuaries' and the breeding ground of resistance  Tumors acquiring resistance is one of the major barriers to successful cancer therapy. Scientists use mathematical models to characterize how important aspects of tumor microenvironment can impair the efficacy of targeted cancer therapies. Continue Reading
Stress management techniques improve long-term mood and quality of life for women with breast cancer  A new study shows that providing women with skills to manage stress early in their breast cancer treatment can improve their mood and quality of life .Continue Reading
New potential for personalized treatments in bowel cancer  Genetic changes in bowel tumors are linked to the way the body’s immune system responds to the cancer. Scientists can now start looking at what causes a weak immune Continue Reading
Immune markers discovered that can predict ovarian cancer patients' response to treatment  A biomarker that will help lead to better predictions of the success of chemotherapy in ovarian cancer patients has been discovered by researchers. This discovery could lead to better treatment options in the fight against ovarian cancer  Continue Reading

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