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Sunday, March 22, 2015

Cancer Research: Effect of smoking, alcohol on head/neck cancer ♦ Buckyballs aimed at cancer cells ♦ Stinging nettle chemical improves cancer drug + more

Effect of smoking, alcohol on feeding tube duration in head/neck cancer patients  Current smoking and heavy alcohol consumption appear to be risk factors for prolonged use of a feeding tube in patients with head and neck cancer undergoing radiotherapy or chemoradiotherapy. Continue Reading.
Buckyballs become bucky-bombs, when aimed at cancer cells  Scientists have built nanoscale explosives out of buckyballs that could one day be used to eliminate cancer cells without damaging surrounding tissue. Continue Reading
Stinging nettle chemical improves cancer drug  A cancer drug could be made 50 times more effective by a chemical found in stinging nettles and ants, new research finds. Derived from formic acid which is commonly found in a number of natural organisms including nettles and ants, Sodium Formate is more commonly used as a food preservative. Continue Reading
Smokers at twice risk of prostate cancer recurrence after surgery  Current smokers, and those who have quit smoking less than 10 years previously, have twice the risk of a recurrence of prostate cancer after surgery. Continue Reading
Cancer-targeted treatment in triple combo drug for melanoma  A groundbreaking new triple combination therapy shows promising signs of more effectively controlling advanced melanoma than previous BRAF + MEK inhibitor or BRAF inhibitor + immunotherapy combos alone, and with increased immune response and fewer side effects.Continue Reading

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