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Friday, March 27, 2015

Health News: Third death in colorado linked to marijuana edibles ♦ CA Issues public health warning about raw milk ♦ Health department’s failure to announce salmonella outbreak

CA Issues public health warning about raw milk  The state with the largest retail sales of raw milk in the United States is warning consumers that the consumption of unpasteurized (raw) dairy products may cause serious illness.
Health department’s fails to announce outbreak Over a four-month period, a popular deli in the Los Angeles area sickened at least 21 people with Salmonella poisoning, but the Ventura County Department of Public Health did not notify the public when the first cases were reported
Third death in colorado linked to marijuana edibles Thee third death associated with marijuana edibles could not have come at a worse time for the state’s 15-month-old legal pot industry. Services are being held today in Tulsa, OK, for Luke Goodman, 23, who reportedly killed himself last Saturday night
Link between lifestyles of indigenous communities, gut microbial ecologies discovered
A strong association between the lifestyles of indigenous communities and their gut microbial ecologies (gut microbiome) has been discovered by researchers. This study that may have implications for the health of all people
.Experience saves lives: Advanced life-support study reveals differences in survival rates An advanced form of life support that takes over for the failing hearts and lungs of critically ill patients saves lives. But for adults, the odds of surviving depend on which hospital provides the life-supporting treatment -- with the best odds at ones that use the technique dozens of times a

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