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Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Children's Health: Students who started school later more likely to drop out ♦ Autistic and non-autistic brain differences ♦ Nanotechnology for transdermal drug delivery

Kindergarten and crime: Students who started school later more likely to drop out, commit crimes  Children who are older when they start kindergarten do well in the short term, academically and socially. But as teenagers, these old-for-grade students are more likely to drop out and commit serious crimes. Continue Reading
Autistic and non-autistic brain differences isolated for first time  The functional differences between autistic and non-autistic brains have been isolated for the first time, following the development of a new methodology for analysing MRI scans.Continue Reading
Latest in nanotechnology, transdermal drug delivery, to take on acne spot treatment Acne, a scourge of adolescence, may be about to meet its ultra high-tech match. By using a combination of ultrasound, gold-covered particles and lasers, researchers have developed a targeted therapy that could potentially lessen the frequency and intensity of breakouts. Continue Reading
Fewer multiple births could reduce autism risk in ART children The incidence of diagnosed autism was twice as high for assisted reproductive technology (ART) as non-ART births among the nearly 6 million children in a recent study, born in California from 1997 through 2007. Continue Reading.
Smoking in front of your kids may increase their risk of heart disease as adults  Kids exposed to their parents' smoking had a higher risk of developing clogged arteries in adulthood. Researchers stressed that parents should not smoke if they want to provide the best long-term cardiovascular health for their children Continue Reading

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